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Jared Stanger

Innovation Consultant
  • Department: Innovation & Business Agility
  • Experience: 30 Years
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  • Phone: +64 20 4165 4856

Factual Investigator | Business Analyst | Risk Analyst | WordPress Dev

I bring an experimental mindset to provide a modern approach to innovation that ties directly into business agility. From everyday activities and innovative ideas all the way up to unique industry product offerings and innovative business models.

One of the things that makes innovation safe, cheap, and ultimately more efficient is taking an experimental mindset. I learned that mindset in 2005 as the Fraud Theory Approach. Beginning with predication we analyse available data, create a hypothesis, gather evidence to test the hypothesis, refine and amend the hypothesis against known facts, then conduct interviews.

Its the idea that you have a hypothesis and I have a hypothesis, and if we can get comfortable in an environment where we are using evidence driven decision making, we can both accept that neither of us knows enough to be certain of our hypothesis, but we can agree to design experiments that will run fast and cheap and help validate one or both hypotheses as rapidly as possible.

This can create a cultural shift where everyone in the organisation right up to executive leadership is saying, “Did you validate that? I hear what you are saying and its interesting, but it is still just a hypothesis. How can we validate that before we make too big a bet on it?”

// My Most Recent Start Up

Catastrophe Response Team

CatTEAM was formed to provided claim assessment support to Loss Adjusting firms inundated by thousands insurance claims resulting from large scale natural disasters.

Jan 2020 I saw the need, formulated a hypothesis, developed a business model, formed a team, and found an Australian client.

In Feb the team was deployed to NSW to assess claims caused by fire, flood, and storm. We returned to New Zealand in March.

Armed with validated hypotheses and proof of concept, I secured a partnership arrangement with a New Zealand firm for financial, legal, accounting support.

// Innovation & Business Agility

What I Would Like
To Do For You

I believe Innovation Strategy is an essential core component of Enterprise Strategy. To be innovative we need a well thought out strategy that enables us to be agile like a start-up, attract the best talent, navigate new technology, and deliver solutions we have proven our customers will buy.

I created the Innovation Strategy Analysis to help organisations Audit their Current State of Innovation, Define their Future State of Innovation, and Develop an Innovation Change Strategy. I would like to do exactly that for you, to do that we begin by forming and testing hypotheses.

// Experience and Background

Sales, Marketing, Management
Investigation, Analysis, IT

Worked 12 years in sales, marketing and management. For the past 18 years I have contracted as Investigator and Analyst. Currently I contract as a Senior Investigator in New Zealand’s oldest and largest nvestigation firm.

Over the years I have conducted countless Factual Investigations, worked as a Business Analyst on dozens of projects, and built a stack of solutions in WordPress. I’ve also founded four startups.

I wrote franchise operations manuals, sold two master franchises and 11 sub-franchises. Managed clients banking and loans. Coached long-term unemployed (10-15 years) to reenter the workforce. My experience is diverse.

I recruited, coordinated, and deployed a workforce of 1600 estimators and assessors to provide services following the Canterbury Earthquakes. I coordinated logistics, resourcing, deployment, and performance management.

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// My clients

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Clients Worldwide

Emilia Clarke
Global Quest
Glen Archer, CEO
“We engaged Jared in the early stages of business research to identify risks involved in manufacturing or sourcing products in China, then export-import into Amazon USA. Jared was very thorough and explained in detail reports the risks to expect to face when taking on a large challenge like this, he communicated this to us in way we could fully comprehend which made our decision-making process a lot easier.”
Emilia Clarke
Lifechange Therapies
Dr. Paul McQuillan (PhD, Psy D)
“Jared created my own website, Lifechange Therapies. Jared provided innovative designs and worked hand in hand with us throughout the process. His attention to detail and the work done is not simply satisfactory it is outstanding. Jared works at issues until solutions are found and finds solutions in consultation with clients. His technical work and his capacity to provide marketing advice have helped my business grow.”
Emilia Clarke
NazPI Ltd
John Maio, CEO
“I have known and worked with Jared since 2007 working together on many fraud investigations and where attention to detail, records and contemporaneous evidence was vital to any legal proceedings. I found Jared to be very personable, knowledgeable, empathetic while maintaining a high skillset and professional integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Jared as an honest, trustworthy and valuable colleague for his career going forward.”